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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 24, 2013 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> eric: last night, new york
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reporters held their 91st annual show. i played napoleon. look at that snazzy, sharp, french -- >> jamie: i believed it. >> eric: mayor michael bloomberg answered with annie and phantom of the opra. it's all for charity. >> jamie: don't quit your day job, eric. thanks for being here. back to washington. >> shannon: secretary of state john kerry wrapping up a whirlwind trip to iraq. he flew to baghdad a short time ago, days after the 10th anniversary of the start of the war in iraq. kerry's mission, press iraqi leaders on ending sectarian violence and urging iran to syria. i'm shannon bream. live from the nation's capitol, america's news headquarters. we go to steve centanni more. >> the central issue is whether
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iraq's president or prime minister, a shiite muslim is helping to support the assad regime in syria, allowing the over flights by iran. now, if so, that raises serious questions about u.s./iraqi relations going forward. secretary kerry met with iraqi prime minister malkey in his unannounced stroz baghdad today. and those iranian flights were at the top of the agend a. the secretary and the prime minister had a private meeting that kerry described as a spirited discussion. when it was over, the secretary told reporters, quote, anything that supportings president assad is problematic. i made it very clear to the prime minister that the overflights from iran are in fact helping to discontinue president osaud and his regime. thez believes the iranian aircraft flying over iraq are carrying weapons to help arm the syrian government, although it rawn insists it is humanitarian
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aid. the u.s. has asked iraq to force the planes to land in iraq for inspections. but only a few have been checked. they have long been a point of conflict between the and u.s. iraq. >> the intent here, fwy going public, is to increase the pressure on al-malma laki. but it shows how minimal our ability to affect the conflict in syria has become. >> kerry said that iraq can be be part of the political discussion about syria's future until cracks down on the iranian shipments. >> shannon: thank you very much. the head of the western-backed opposition in syria is supportedly stepping down, resigning out what have he calls frustration with a lack of international efforts to oust
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the leader assad. >> this resignation is really shows how fragmented the syrian opposition is and even if assad were to fall, the western allies don't know who to call and talk to. right now, the syrian opposition is in two camps. you have the free syrian army, the locals who have risen up against the regime. but on the other side, have you extremist, jihaddists, including from al qaeda syndicate group, looking to syria to become a failed state and to capture a number of weapons and ammunition duffles that the syrian military had. that's of extreme concern for the united states. it's one of the reasons they were talking to iraq today about these overflights and western intelligence officials have confirmed to us that the video we are about to show you shows these flights being offloaded inside of sirria. they are a combination of syrian airliners and russian and
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iranian cargo planes, flown in almost daily, inside of syria. they offload weapons, equipment and even soldiers from iran's revolutionary guard who have come in to help prop up the president. the iraqis have been giving the overflights a wink-wink, nudge-nudge. they are not secret in terms of the flights happening. but the united states going public with this evidence and shaming the iraqis into doing something to stop tshows how desperate the united states is to exert the influence to get weapons shims to if the assad to stop. >> shannon: leyland, thank you. members of congress are keeping a close eye on syria after reports last week that chemical weapons were used. both sides claims it was the other side. but u.s. intelligence officials
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have not been able to confirm the reports. president obama has said that chemical weapons would be, quote, a gameing us for a fair d balanced discussion. congressman edroyce and the ranking member of the committee, congressman eliet engle. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: mr. chairman, your reaction to the news that the opposition leader, backed by the syria says he's resigning because he hasn't gotten enough support? itch this is a big problem. we have finally made a decision, it's too late in the game, to use actionable intelligence it and to assist the free syrian forces on the ground. but here's why we needed to do more to assist this faction. their competition against assad is the cited franchise that operate there is, mostly foreign fighters. so if we with our intelligence and by giving the green light to our allies, if we can do more to
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assist the free syrian army, we can destabilize and perhaps remove assad. the sooner that happens, the better. i say that because assad now has iranian troops on the ground in syria. we don't want our troops on the grunned. but we want to be assisting those who are going to try to remove president assad. this would be iran's ally, closest ally in the region and a major blow to iran. we want to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons. this kind of pressure on the regime would be important fassad were to fall. >> shannon: congressman engle, i know you are working on bipartisan legislation, vetting forces and providing them measures of non-lethal force and military assistance, that kind of thing. how do we do that in a way that satisfies you that the interests of anything we choose to support are in line with our own? >> we are down to a series of bad choices. we have to make some decision.
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president assad is not going to last. he's going to fall. when he falls, if the united states does not have some skin in the game, so to speak, if we are not aiding and abetting the rebels that we know that are not radical, once he fall, we don't have any influence whiefer. secondly, i think that there is a humanitarian crisis. we have 70,000 syrians murdered by their own regime. we have a million displaced. and i think since assad's going to fall, any assistance that the united states can give will help to speed up that fall. i introduced a bill this week with congressman rogers, who is the chairman of the intelligence committee being a bipartisan bill, to try as best we can to aid the rebels. obviously, there are different rebels. we have to be careful that we are not giving weapons to jihaddists. that's want an easy thing to do,
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admittedly. we vet, we know the free syrian army and others, we know who they are. we should try to get them the weapons that they need. also, this week, as you know, in the senate, also bipartisan, senator mccain and levin introduced legislation to have's no-fly zone and to have airstrikes. there are lots of things we do. nobody wants to see u.s. troops on the ground. we are not talking about that at all. but i think that we just can't sit idly by and allow the jihaddists to get the upper hand. assad is not going to win. we need to do something to hasten his demise. and finally, let me say this, i think it is an outrage that iraq is letting iran use its air space to give all kinds of supplies -- lethal supplies to assad. i would remind the iraqis that
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lots of american blood was spilled in trying to free them of the yoke of saddam hussein and they ought to be more grateful and do the right thing. >> shannon: secretary of state kerry has had a surprise visit to baghdad and addressed that and said, really, this is problemtic, the flights over your area, your territory, providing help in syria and providing weapons. what do you make of that? do you think that secretary kerry's discussions thereville weight? >> well, i think we need to put a little bit of pressure behind the discussions. there are a lot of pressure points that we have on iraq. they -- they are provide audio their weapon systems, they purchased from the united states. their banking system, we have a lot of pressure we could bring on their banking system. certainly, the politicals syste. some of the oil deals. there are many ways in which our engagement with iraq could bring them to the table in very short order. it's past time foritous start
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lean in and doing exactly that because what is happening right now is that iranian fighters are flying in to syria in a last, desperate attempt to hold up -- you know to keep assad in power. hezbollah fighters are coming in and they are being armed with weapons from iran, flying over iraqi air space. starting immediately, iraq should heed the warn from this united states and disallow these military flights over its air space. >> shannon: quickly, we are almost out of time. a final thought here on this issue? >> well, i agree with what the chairman just said. i think in a bipartisan manner, congress needs to, obviously, try to -- to take control of this. assad is a brutal dictator and from a humanitarian point of view, he needs to g. but another thing ask thaiz very important.
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assad is iran's guy. assad, if he goes is a blow to iran. weapons going into lebanon, when the second lob none war was over between ezhezbollah and israel, hezbollah would not be allowed to re-arm. hezbollah is two or three times as strong as they were. they have been re-arming from iran, through syria, into lebanon. so assad is a bad guy. he is iran's guy. he has a stake in this and so do we. we ought to exert. it i think it's very important, what secretary kerry is doing is a very, very good step. but we need to do norensure that the right rebels are the victors after assad falls, which he almost certainly will. >> shannon: congressmen, we thank you both for your time here on this sunday. we appreciate t. >> thank jew washington's reacting after the in the-controlled senate for the
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first time in four years passes a budget in the g.o.p.-controlled house. the two blueprints have major difference. is there any room for compromise? i asked tom coburn if he thought the two sides could work together. >> there won't be a budget that will coalesce. i am just thankful that they put a budget out. they want to grow the government-- the government's grown 89% in the last 10 years and the median income of american families has declined 5%. the average american family is earning in real dollar what is they earned in 1989. we have grown since 1989, the federal government has tripled. their whole plan is to continue that and to make it even worse. but i am happy there is a budget because we are going to offer ideas and hold them accountable to say, we reject those ideas. theirs is a bigger -- big government is the answer to
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everything. more tax, more spending. ours is, let's save medicare, let's save social security, let's downsize the federal government to a size that is manageable and affordable. >> shannon: there are all kinds of fiscal issues with the budget, with sequester and the debt ceiling, not far off. have you offered a number of ways that you think the federal government could be cutting back. your office is good at looking at budgets and plans. you have note aid number of things that could have been done n. liu of closing the white house to public visitors, but did you have bipartisan crossover. >> i had bipartisan crossover because they're getting ready to run for election. there is a game play in the senate. this administration wants to show the american public that we can't cut $44 billion between now and september 30 without them experiencing massive pain. they have every intention to make it hurt to get the point that we need to spends every
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penny we are spending. which is absolutely ludicrous. it's a shame they are doing that because a lot of things -- we are going to have air traffic control towers shut down. they are not shut down because they are too expensive. on average, they cost $wo.3 million less per year to operate. they are shut down to come back with unionized employees in the regular air tower system. so things are not what they seem. we don't have a problem in front of us that we can't solve. what we have is a lack of leadersship and direction to get there. you can compromise on how you save medicare and social security. those compromises have been discussed. they are available. but it's the politics of how we position ourselves so we look good and get re-elected and the count cree go to heck. that's what is happening. there is no thought about the long-term future qr -- for our
9:17 am
kids, it's a political advantage. >> shannon: how do you get people to step back from that -- >> we don't. stiff% are career politicians. their livelihood depends on them being in public office. most of them have not have a job outside of elected office. have the american people quit sending career politicians. send people with real world experience, who have done something in their life outside of politics. >> shannon: i asked senator coburn about the looming second amendment showdown, in new gun control legislation. stay tuned. hear his response in our next hour. remember that cute groundhog that predicted an early spring? looks like he may have been wrong. blizzards conditions in colorado are moving across the country, hitting the midwest. we go live to the fox extreme weather center for more.
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hello, janice. >> so nice to see you. i am sorry that the news is not as good -- especially across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. as the storm system moves eastsward. look thea the totals. close to 20 inches in colorado, 18 inches in el dorado springs and in kansas, over a foot of snow. the system is on the move. not only do we have the threatt for winter weather, but we have the potential for severe weather in the gulf coast. let's take a look at it. winter weather advisories for 8 states. in the pink, that's the winter weather warnings and then we will start to see the watches and warnings in the next few hours for d.c., philadelphia, new york, winter storm watches across the spine of the appalachians and the severe threat with hail, damaging winds and isolate the tornadoes. let's talk about the storm, moving east, we are dealing with the transference of energy from
9:19 am
the midwest storm to a coastal low offshore, bringing rain and snow across the mid-atlantic and the northeast, potential for heavy snow, heavy wet snow and the potential for flooding, along the areas that have been hit so hard for hurricane sand neoctober. let's take a look at the satellite radar over the next several hours, into tomorrow. we are seeing the heavy snow, moving into the mid-atlantic, rain across the coast. as we get into mondays morning, this is a computer model, saying several inches. new york. we think a slushy inch or two. but really, depending on the track of the storm, shannon and how much cold air is going to mean the difference between a lot of snow or a lots of slush. winter is not over yet. >> bad groundhog. >> that groundhog. blame him. talk about up on the housetop,
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>> if you bought a powerball ticket in new jersey, you could be a very big winner. a single ticket matched all 6 numbers in the $338 million. lottery officials are not saying if anyone has come forward. 13 other tickets worth $won million were sold in 10 other states. this week, the u.s. supreme court is hearing two of the most highly anticipated cases of the term. the justices will hear arguments tuesday and wednesday in a pair of high-profile same-sex marriage cases that could make history. peter doocy has more on the cases that the justices will thr week. the line's cueing up. >> for the first time since the big health care case, people are
9:25 am
already camping out, outside the court, waiting to get inside or holding places in line for other who is want to get in line for the argument. tuesday is when the justices are going to hear in favor and in opposition to california's state ban on gay marriage, prop 8, which voters approved in and on wednesday, the defense of marriage act will be argued, saying that federal agencies will define marriage as being between one man and one woman and advocates are warningave major cultural shift if marriage equality becomes part of the law of the land. >> i wish it were just about the marriage altar. it is about much more. it's about altering all of society, with marriage goes what our children for taught, parents losing the right to define the morals for their children. it's about religious freedom. they are intertwined in our
9:26 am
culture. it's about the right to conduct yours business as you see fit. >> support for same-sex marriage has groab, but it's favored by less than half, 49% of registered voters. one of the attorneys arguing for marriage equality this week says he thinks his side will win and it won't be close since he says, marriage is a civil right. >> we are not asking for a new constitutional right. the constitutional right to marry is well established. in fact, the supreme court has ruled you can't take away the right to marry, even from imprisoned felons who can't have procreation because they can't get together. but you can't take it away because it's so important, it's a fundamental right of liberty. >> there could be fireworks. there won't be cameras present, but we will get same-day audios to hear how everything goes down. >> it's always interesting. because we get the transcripts fwowrks hear the inflection and the voice, always interesting,
9:27 am
so, we will have it. >> yes, we will. >> in the next hour, we will have a fair and balanced debate with two key players in the same cases. the head of the national organization for marriage and the national campaign director for the freedom to marry. where do you stand on the two same-sex marriage cases? tweet us your answers. we will read your responses, later on in this show. they came to america, seeking religious freedom after their home country refused to let them home school their children. the obama administration says that family has to be deported. hear from their attorney, next. >> a sky diving trip goes horribly wrong for an instructor and a student in flor day. >> it had to be terrible. something tragic went wrong. a tragic day for a bunch of frens out here on vacation, having a good time. ♪
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>> shannon: secretary of state, john kerry makes a surprise visit. >> secretary kerry is wrapping up a trip to iraq. he made that unannounced stop in baghdad, talking about stopping iranian aircraft from flying over the count tree bring supplies and support to syria. he also discussed sectarian issues still facing the country, 10 years after the start of the war in iraq. investigators say that evidence collected from a shootout with police on a texas roadway provides the strongest link yet between a parolee and the murder of tom clemen, the head of the coderalo prison system. it is believed that the suspect is a 28-year-old denver man, killed by police on thursday. clemens was shot to death on
9:33 am
tuesday when he opened the door to his home. two people are dead after a tragic skydiving a-dent. the instructor and student were part of a large group that jumped yesterday but never returned. their bodies were found last night. a california homeowner has repairs after his neighbor's car landed on his roof. the driver lost control of his cadillac while trying to get out of his steep driveway and went airborne. fortunately, nobody in the car or the home was hurt. those are the top stories. back to you. >> shannon: that's almost unbelievable. >> it is. you see the commercials, protect your roof from the elements -- never seen anything like that, about a cadillac. >> shannon: glad everyone is okay. angel jell christian family fled to the u.s. from germany because the government threatened to fine them and take their children from them because of their decision to home school. they had become concerned that
9:34 am
school curriculum in germany was in direct conflict with their beliefs. a judge granted their initial petition for asylum, but the obama administration appealed the decision and the family lost. they are awaiting an appeal in the sixth circuit. joining me is the home school legal defense association, michael ferris. thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: what are the odds now that they are headed to the next step? >> we have a very strong case. when you battle the government in an appellate case, the government's in a pretty good position. but i have done dozens of appeals. i would say their chances are pretty strong. the legal issue is whether or not an individual religious liberty is protected by our asylum laws. i think the government get its totally wrong in their group rights approach. >> shannon: i read the brief.
9:35 am
it's filed on behalf of eric holier, telling the justice dnt department they this to leave. there is no future persecution. the family can't prove harm. >> they can go back to germany and put their kids back in public school and then, they won't suffer harm. but if they want to give their kids a home education through home schooling, they will be jailed. they would have severe fines. that is what happened before. every family who wants to home school is persecuted in the same way. the justice department is saying that the fines and the jails -- that's not persecution. >> shannon: it's a fact that the police did show up and take the children and force them to go to school in 20 06, when the family was there in germany, electing to have them at home. the obama administration basically said that their experience is the reason they had trouble in germany was
9:36 am
because they refused to comply with the law. how could you say it was ever religious persecution, if you are disobeying the law because of religious beliefs? >> that's right. the religious persecution is defined similarly to our constitutional principles. if the law's unconstitutional. if the law violates human rights, have you an asylum claim. if germany wasn't banning home schooling, there wouldn't be an issue and it it wasn't a human rights issue, there wouldn't be an issue. but there is both. the ban of home schooling and that's a human rights issue. the obama administration argues broadly, basically contending that no religious freedom can be an individual liberty claim t. can only be in a group rights context. >> shannon: you said that the u.n. has weighed in. >> the high commissioner for human rights has a special envoy
9:37 am
which concluded that it violates international standards of human rights. each the u.n. doesn't get t. germany doesn't get it, the obama administration doesn't get t. i am hope that this sixth circuit will get it right. >> shannon: please, keep us updated. >> i will. thank you very much. >> shannon: who can fob get the tragedy story about the sinkhole that swallowed a man sleeping in his bedroom. there is another sinkhole a mile away that has florida residents on edge. still to come... fair and balanced and a feisty debate about whether the union workers in michigan have a right to be mad. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit.
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>> shannon: another sinkhole in florida this, one a mile and-a-half away from the sinkhole that claimed the life of jeff bush, back in february.
9:42 am
this sinkhole is about 8 feet wide and 10 feet deep. those living nearby are afraid their homes could be next. >> once we found out it was a sinkhole, i went to go tell by dad because i knew someone might get hurt. >> i said, oh, my god. it startled me. >> this is my house. i am worried about not being able to live in this house. >> some people have evacuated as a pro caution. but officials don't being the homes are in any danger. organized labor taking a major blow on thursday when the right to work law takes place in michigan. the historic heartland of unions, after a fiery debate. >> the issue is really being pro-choice for workers, giving them the opportunity to have the freedom to choose. >> this is about defunding union, taking away their power to be able to organize.
9:43 am
this is unleashing, i believe this is unleashing corporate greed. >> shannon: this come as organized labor sees record low numbers. when you take out public workers, the number's down to 6.6% for private-sector workers. this is a far cry from the highs that they had in 1953, when a whopping 26% of the workforce here in the u.s. was in a union. so are unions become obsolete or will they come roaring back? morning newsio talk show host columnist, mark davis and author of thank the liberals for saving america. welcome to you both. the new law goes into effect this week t. doesn't say that the unions are you kaput. but it's a choice. >> it's a nice way to say prochoice. i think that's a false argument. the problem is that unions
9:44 am
who -- the workers who don't pay in get the same rights that -- and they get the benefits that the unions negotiate for them. so state governors are busting unions because the unions are perhaps the largest entity that raises and gives money to democratic candidates. that'sa is behind this. they are trying to bust the unions to stop the money flowing to democrats, which means they care more about money than labor. >> diswriz policy or fiscal policy? >> unions do skew very hard left. and they will be able to continue to fund democratic candidates as long as they wish, but they won't be able to strong arm people into belonging into unions. the choice issue on abortion is the unborn child. this is about workers' voices being heard. if you want to be in a union, you may be in a union. anyone wishing not to be does
9:45 am
not have to be. that's the definition of liberty, which is kryptonnite to the union movement because they love the coerced membership -- >> it would be a lot smart fer republicans worked to get people in labor to support them. that would be a much better tactic -- >> realisticically is that ever going to happen? do you see seiu endorsing mitt romney? >> not mitt romney. he's history. but the fact of the matter is, if the republican party wants to broaden itself out, going forward, they will choose canned -- candidates and issues that attract labor -- >> we have the very best! we have the very best issues about labor, we want to lower the taxes on working people and more liberty for working people. we want to protect america's borders and from terrorism for working people -- [overlapping dialogue] >> that has nothing to do with what we are talking about. >> we are not talking about the borders. you are conflating a burch of
9:46 am
stuff that has nothing to do with unions itch the idea that working people is union membership is a fraud. working people need job creation. and conservative approximatelies will bring t. liberal policies will crush it -- [overlapping dialogue] >> that's proven to be untrue. >> shannon: gentlemen. we talked about the numbers. neap 1953, it is peak for union membership here. 26% of the labor force. now it's 11.3. if the unions are vital and so powerful, why the decline? >> i guess they are not as powerful as conservatives claim they are, as if they run and controlling everything. the decline is the anti-union movement. the zeitgeist feeling that they take money and don't do the job. the fact is eye am glad you mentioned the book, i go into detail about the things that the unions accomplish that people take very grant audio people gave their lives so people who are anti-union could enjoy the benefits of the things that
9:47 am
unions have accomplished for workers in the united states. >> shannon: mark -- is it fair to be able to opt out and not pay dues and get the benefits? >> of course, it is! i am prepared to honor every complement allen offers the culture. i know i am the beneficiaries. let's let the people who wish to be in unions and say, dang, i have to join that union. let the people who do not wish to choose not to. it is freedom of choice. there is no way that the marketplace in this is going to be wrong! >> shannon: gentlemen, we have to leave it there. >> thank you. >> shannon: hey, not every day, somebody works zeitgeist into the debate i. i was impressed. >> that's the magic word. >> reporter: the word of the day. family and friends are searching for answers in the scpearns disappearance of an ivy league student, missing for a week. coming up, why the fbi is expanding the search area.
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>> a search for a brown university student who went missing more than a week ago is being expanded. the teen was found on brown's campus on saturday morning. we have the latest.
9:52 am
>> the fbi has joined the search for sunil, or sonny to his friends, expanding the search area to beston, new york, connecticut and philadelphia, where he is fro. the brown university student has been missing for 8 days, last spotted leaving his apartment in providence, rhode island osaturday, march 16, around 11:00 in the morning. his girlfriend reported him missing 24 hours later. family and friends have canvassed the neighborhood, looking for any clues toze where he could have gone. besides his cell phone, credit scpard i.d. in his room, his mother said, they have no idea where her son might be. >> we really don't know where he is. we have an outpouring of support from the brown community, friends from home, relatives from all over the country. we really miss sunil. we want him back. >> his family, helping with the
9:53 am
search as best they can. create egg twitter account and a facebook page. they have had more than 190,000 views since the page was set up. sunil is 6 feet tall and way weighs 1 30 pounds. his mother says that he has struggled recently with depression. everyone who had contact with him before he disappeared did not find anything out of the ordinary. if have you any information regarding sunil, contact the providence police department at 401. 272-3121. >> thank you for which for the update and the information. the debate over new gun control laws continues to rage, as senator dianne feinstein says that harry reid has betrayed her over the issue of an assault weapons ban. now the new york city mayor bloomberg is taking his case for gun control nationwide.
9:54 am
how and why he is trying to influence the debate. this adorable guy is the face of the united states marine corps. but there is a changing of the guard in the works. that's next. ♪ looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn.
9:55 am
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nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> shannon: today's "fox news sunday" power player is popular in the newsroom. in a few weeks chessy xiv will report for duty. the english bull dog will
9:58 am
become the latest marine corps mascot. a tradition that dated back to 1922. chris wallace introduces us ♪ >> chris: meet sargent chesty the xiii. the mascots u.s. marines. this english bull dog is the face of the corps. ♪ >> the mascot is involved in a number of official functions here in washington, d.c. >> we are proud to introduce the official mascot of marine barracks washington, d.c. sergeant chesty xiii. >> engaging with senior level leadership and engaging with government officials. when we bring guests here for official functions he is one of the most popular officials. >> chris: the marine barracks chesty's spokesman. >> sometimes they are tough to
9:59 am
get along with and sometimes kind of grouchy but at the end of the day they will be there for you and accomplish the mission. >> chris: there is about to be a changing of the guard. chesty will require this summer and recruit chesty who is now in boot camp is expected to become a private in april. training to take h his place. >> he is getting history classes and is getting indoctrinated in his surroundings. something that we do with all of the rue crews. >> chesty hass his own uniform complete with sergeant chevrons and service medals. the recruit has a ways to go to match up to the sergeant. >> we are looking at him mentor the young recruit. >> chris: he has big paws to fill. mass tradition goes back to world war i when the germans called the marines the double
10:00 am
dogs. in 1957 they changed the name who chesty after lieutenant general louis chesty puller the most decorated marine ever and they take all this very seriously. >> we have had him busted back in rank before. >> chris: how did the dogs take that? >> well, marines typically don't take it well when they get demoted. it is a message. we can't have a mascot running around biting barking and doing things that they are not supposed to do. >> chris: but you that is exactly what sergeant chesty did last summer when went after defense secretary panetta's dog at the friday evening parade. >> he barked and lashed out at bravo. a tense moment. >> chris: challenging civilian control of the military. >> right in front of the secretary of defense after the breech of protocol there was speculation sergeant chesty was being forced out. >> he was promoted to sergeant after that. so there is no truth to the rumor it is a forced retirement.
10:01 am
>> whatever the reason this pup should be the new mascot chesty xiv by late august with as many as five public events a week. >> heel. heel. >> chesty is a great way to represent the more than 200,000 marine sailors and civilians who make up the corps. he has an important job. we are happy to have him. >> shannon: i would seriously consider a little dog napping if i thought i could get away. see more of the interview on fox news sunday .com and "fox news sunday" reairs after our show. catch the main adakion the exclusive interview you with republican senator rand paul. u.ate john kerry wrapped up a whirlwind trip to baghdad. he pressed the iraq prime minister to stop allowing iran to move weapons to syria.
10:02 am
also suggesting baghdad could be part of the political discussion about syria's future. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters live fthe nation's capital starts right now. we start first with blizzard conditions in colorado causing a string of major accidents on the highways there. the same storm has its sights set on o the midwest. janice dean is in the extreme weather center with the latest about who is going to be impacted by the growing storm. hello janice. >> hello shannon. into spring but you wouldn't be able to tell looking at these temperatures for much of the country. 31 currently in minneapolis. 16 rapid city. 20 in denver where they got over a foot of snow. 30 kansas city. 50 memphis. the warmest spot we appear to be is in tampa at 74 degrees. with the threat of severe weather across the sunshine state today because we have a warm side of the storm as well. but looking at the potential for snow.
10:03 am
6-12-inches across a wide swath here over the midwest ohio river valley and then into the mid atlantic where we start to see winter weather advisories posted for undc towards philly and new york. as we get into the next 6-12 hours watching the storm develop. look at it heading into sunday night. independence day heavy snow working its way out of st. louis and then we will see heavy snow flying across the appalachians possibly into baltimore and d.c. certainly we will be tracking the storm as it happens as we could get more wet snow than forecast. depending on o the exact track of the storm and how much cold air is pulled southward. here is what we know now. this is one of our reliable computer models taking a look at st. louis up towards champagne, cincinnati. 6-12-inch swath here but d.c., philadelphia, new york that is when it gets a little trickier. anywhere from 2 to 4, even 5 to 8 inches of wet heavy snow is
10:04 am
going to cause some problems for the commute tomorrow all up and down the i-95 corridor. we will be busy and keep you posted through the fox news weather center. back to you you. >> shannon: and on a monday morning no less, janice. >> oh, i know. let's stay home. >> shannon: janice dean has authorized all of us to stay home. thanks, janice. >> i will write yo you a note. >> shannon: john kerry is heading back to washington after the is surprise visit to baghdad. the first trip as secretary of state comes ten days after the start of the 10th anniversary of the start of the iraq war. steve centanni with all of the details secretary's trip. hi, steve. >> a key point of contention iraq and the u.s. kerry met with prime minister nouri al-maliki and topping the discussion was the iranian
10:05 am
planes which the are carrying weapons to prop up the assad regime in syria. he describes it as a spirited discussion. kerry told reporters "anything that survivors yo supports pred is problematic. the overflights from iran are in fact helping to sustain president assad and his regime. the iranian aircraft which the u.s. says they are flying across iraq just about every day are believed to be carrying weapons for the assad regime, undermining the opposition forces survivors you ported by the west. the iranians claim the planes are only carrying humanitarian aid. the u.s. wanted proof anden force the agreement that the plans would land for inspection. two planes have been checked and iraqis say no weapon os were found. >> this is an iran problem. i think what has impeded the administration policy for the
10:06 am
last two years since the conflict in syria began is an unwillingness to take on iran. that is the source of the trouble. that is where the key support for the assad regime comes from. >> this dispute could affect u.s. iraqi relations going forward. people are watching to see if iraq is really a partner with the u.s. with common goals. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. former pakistani president pervez musharraf returned home today. he is hoping to regain political influence and win seats in the may elections. since he was forced from power pakistan leadership struggled with the sinking economy islamic extremist faxes and tensions over drone strikes. mayors against gun violence tellased $12 million in television ad time.
10:07 am
the ads airing in 13 key states across the country that the group thinks are divided on gun control. making an appearance on meet the press mayor bloomberg said he has plenty of support. >> this is about the public wanting to be safe on their streets and the public having the right to buy arms and the right to protect themselves and the right to use them for sport, for hunting, but also it is about the public's right to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. that is in everybody's interest. >> shannon: the comments from mayor bloomberg come as the debate over gun control continues here in washington. earlier this week, senate majority leader harry reid removed an assault weapons ban from the gun control bill he plans to offer saying he didn't have the votes to get it passed. republican senator tom coburn says he doesn't believe the focus should be on keeping guns from law abiding citizen sg&a we have a constitutional right to own a gun and not have to go
10:08 am
through a bunch of hoops to own the guns. we ought to not be transferring guns to people that are mentally ill or criminals. they confused another issue and they want an ability to trace a gun that has been used in the crime. that is after the fact. >> shannon: another senator with a history of supporting gun rights rand paul. the republican from kentucky is fueling speculation that he will toss hat int his hat in te ring. in an exclusive interview with "fox news sunday." >> the country is suffering right now with 12 million people out of work. i want to be part of the answers to it. whether that is me specifically running for president, i don't know that yet. i do know that i think the country is suffering with significant unemploymention stagnation, still some question whether we are dipping into recession at this point. we need something new and the party needs something new to grow and i want to be part of that. >> shannon: fox digital politics editor and host of
10:09 am
power play chris stirewalt is here. unlike many contenders he didn't slam the door shut. >> kicked a kentucky foot right in there. first i want to commend you. green for st. patrick's day and purple on palm sunday. i can't way to see how you will color coordinate easter. >> i do have a costume. stand by. >> funny. >> rand paul is running for president. he may change his mind and not run for president later but he is running for president. what is interesting is basically three main factions inside the republican party. the chamber of commerce probig business, that is a more moderate wing of the party that is mitt romney. then there is the libertarian wing of the party. that is rand paul's dad, ron paul and then there is a social conservative side. the one who wins the republican nation gets two of those and then is able to carry on to get the nomination. so it is up to rand paul now to see if and i bet we will see it when goes to iowa in may to speak at that state's lincoln day dinner when goes to iowa in
10:10 am
may to see if he can convince christian conservatives, social conservatives they and the libertarians can work together in both disliking the government a lot and see if it he can make a nomination run out of this thing. >> shannon: he talked about the key issues with chris this morning. talked about the one that always comes up when you talk about libertarians legalizing drugs. he doesn't think that a anybody should be using them. marijuana leads you to be lazy and not look for work or get your life together. he says he doesn't want people ending up for years and years behind bars for nonviolent crimes. do you think he will be able to sell the position to a broader audience? >> the thing that is interesting about rand paul he is a church-going, god-fearing, dad, husband. he lives a life and has a set of beliefs that is a christian conservative set of beliefs injuries his argument is basically we cannot trust the government to be the protector
10:11 am
of morality, decency, family, church and home. it is a bit of a it tough push in some ways but at the same time if you go to one of their campaign events they are are opening with prayer. the soundtrack there is some christian contemporary in the soundtrack. there is some common ground there that if he can convince people that the government is not a good custodian of morality and is in fact harming national character and moral fitness by being involved maybe he can pull it. >> shannon: having been to many of these rallies both of us do you think he would have the same success his father did as bringing in so many young people. by far the oldest candidates in the primaries had the youngest audience that would show up to the rallys. >> he would do better than his dad did. i know it is three years away but right now a three man race. marco rubio a little more establishmenty even though he was born out of the tea party
10:12 am
movement but hedging towards the established policy on national defense and drone signed stuff. and then rand paul is out there. what is interesting about the cycle is for anybody who wants to get in we say it is so early now but if rand paul starts putting together the building blocks of the coalition that we described he could remember, people counted out rick santorum and he was able to start the process in iowa and surprise a lot of people. doesn't hurt to start early. >> shannon: the iowa gop lincoln day dinner not a bad place to start. see you tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. mr. power play. >> you know it. >> shannon: tomorrow is the deadline for cyprus officials to reach a bailout deal. they threatened to evoke emergency liquidity if an agreement isn't reached. banks are now limiting the amount of money you can withdraw from atms. greg palkot is streaming live
10:13 am
from cyprus. hello, greg. >> reporter: hey, shannon. it is crunch time here in cyprus. the economic fate of this country could be decided in the next several hours. europe is watching and so is the united states. at this very moment the action is actually up in brussels. officials meeting in the european conference with the european financial ministers. they met with the leadership of the union and financial bank. they are trying to look at the bailout. the terms ever tough including a levy of 25% on big depositive for salmonella oitiers at the bank here. that is -- depositors at the bank here. a controversial approach along with serious diamond demands pn the banking system. people are worried.
10:14 am
here here in the capital felt like the calm before the storm. it was nice weather and people were out despite the banks have been closed for a week and they are are tightening up what they are giving out at the atms. listen to a few brave words for some cypriats. >> we are hard working people 5-we will find a solution for the best for the country. >> i have a very important resource which is the people of cyprus. it won't be easy but we will get through it. >> reporter: any decision made in brussels, though, has to be okayed by the parliament in cyprus that meets in the building behind us and has to be made by the monday deadline. anything happening here as potentially huge impact for europe and in particular the euro common currency. and with so many intricate connections between the u.s. and europe political strategic
10:15 am
anything that happens here in europe has an impact in the u.s. as well. that is why we are here and we are watching. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. less than a month after a florida man was swallowed alive by a sinkhole another opened up a half mile away. coming up what officials are telling anxious residents. pope francis is finding the comforts of home can be a bit confusing now that he is actually the pope. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum.
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pope francis held his first palm sunday mass in st. peter's square this morning. 250,000 people turned out it to hear from him. the pontiff urged the faithful to remain humble and lead a simple life. driving his point home he strayed to give a lesson his mother taught him simply saying pure are riyal shrouds don't have pockets. a reminder to assign less meaning to worldly things. he is sticking to his humble and personal style. it has proven a bit of a challenge when it comes to something he is used to doing making his own phone calls. he dialed the vatican switch board but the operator did not believe it was him saying oh, yeah, and i'm napoleon.
10:20 am
he waso convince the operator and in a separate incident he dialed the kiosk in bay bay aries. he said he just wanted to cancel his newspaper delivery. >> find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> shannon: that is house speaker then house speaker nancy pelosi back in 2010 saying famously that lawmakers had to pass obama care to find out what was in it. as portions of the law are being implemented many americans are surprised to find out just what the law does contain. the federalist society held a series of debates across the country giving both sides the chance to argue the constitutionality of the law and to poll the audience to find out o how much they understood about the law. kelly ann con way with a look at what the debates uncovered.
10:21 am
what did you find that people did or didn't understand about the law? >> we were on 21 different college campuses over the last three semesters over 1208, roughly 1208 respondents. 87% of whom were actual law students. most were is surprised to find out that the affordable care act actually would not necessarily be affordable for everyone and might in fact according to some of debaters reduce the choice and the quality and maybe increase the cost for most americans. i have to say what fed talk was able to do here was remarkable. what we found was exposure to an alternative point of view in the debates. the kind of alternative view that the students do not necessarily get in the classrooms around campus really moved some minds. folks started out saying well if it is called obama care i like obama. i'm a law student and i voted for him so it must be good. they second guessd that after they heard both sides of the argument. may i emphasize in all of the
10:22 am
debates you had somebody arguing in favor of the constitutionality of the affordable care act obama care and somebody arguing against its constitutionality. i felt one of the most remarkable finding to me as a pollster was even though the law students did not think that obama care was necessarily constitutional they rejected that or say they weren't sure. after the debates an even higher number thought that the affordable care act really upends what the intent of the founding fathers was. 64% overall said it was unconstitutional when you think about what the founding fathers intended as opposed to the evolving case law. >> shannon: did you you find a shift before and after the supreme court made the decision? some of the debates started before the decision was made just a couple of blocks away from her? >> they did. ironically half of the su is ss occurred before and half roughly afterwards. we did see a little bit of a shift. partisans taking their ground
10:23 am
but the people in the middle who seemed some what confused recognizing something that they did not know necessarily as law is students which is there are more are more bites at the apple. congress can always speak and repeal and replace. frankly since the governors themselves have to decide whether or not to join the medicaid exchanges and take the medicaid money as part of obama care you find that the legislative process as it was weaved into the con stip arguments was of interest to the students. we found a modest uptick in students who agreed it was constitutional but we found a decrease in the overall favorability toward the supreme court and "faith that it is upholding the limits of doing a fair or poor job of upholding the limits prescribed in the constitution." >> shannon: interesting that the findings seem to reveal when people have more information and have both sides of an issue it may change their
10:24 am
minds. thank you for joining us to shear your findings. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> shannon: cash strapped schools always looking for a way to raise money. some are hitting up organizations with much deeper pockets. but is it good for students? that's next.
10:25 am
[ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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>> shannon: and now a look at some of today's top stories. secretary of state john kerry has mead an unexpected trip into iraq. arriving in baghdad kerry met with the prime minister and he urged him to crackdown on iranian flights over iraqi airspace. thes thinks some of the flights are transferring weapons and fighters to syria. and one lucky ticket purchased in new jersey matched all six numbers from saturday night's pow oar ball drawing. that means a single winner for the more than $338 million jackpot. the new jersey lottery isn't saying whether the winner has stepped forward but says more details will be released
10:29 am
monday. 13 other tickets matched the first five numbers worth a million dollars each. and senator rand paul stopped by "fox news sunday" in an exclusive interview. the kentucky senator said he isn't is certain about a run in 2016 but wants to be part of the debate leading up to the next election. those are some of your top stories. secretary kerry did arrive in baghdad from ayman where he was accompanying president obama. he spent the bulk of his time in israel where he met with benjamin netanyahu and then there was a stop to talk to mahmoud abbas. the president urged both starts to restart efforts at hammering out a peace deal. author of israel the will to prevail joining us, author danny denom. thank you for joining us today, sir. >> thank you. it is my pleasure. >> i would like to get your
10:30 am
take on how president obama's visit to israel played out there? >> i think it was an excellent visit. we called for four years for president obama to come to israel and finally he did come as a president. during his first visit, egypt, saudi arabia, turkey. the visit was very important to the israeli people and i think also for the president who appealed to the israelis directly and talked to them and i think here before the passover hollida who will holie are pleased with the visit of president obama. >> shannon: you said we are prepared to talk and hold negotiations with the palestinians without any preconditions but in the government there are many who believe there is no one on the other side who is interested in advancing the peace process. do you think president obama made any process to that end to giving you a partner to discuss this with? >> well, unfortunately, it is not enough to speak nicely. you need to find a real viable partner and we don't find any.
10:31 am
the very same day that president obama landed in israel the hamas in gaza launched missiles into israel civilian population. we don't see really from the palestinians so, yes, we want to have negotiations but frankly speaking we don't see any viable partner on the other side today. >> shannon: i want to ask you you about the news as well that prime minister netanyahu spoke with turkey's leader discussing some issues and certainly common interests about what is going on in syria. what are your concerns there being so close to the action? >> the region is very dynamic. i just came today to jerusalem from the the north and we are following carefully what is happening today in syria and today that we see that both israel and turkey are very concerned about what will happen in syria. what will be the day after assad who will take over and whether i it will al-qaeda forces.
10:32 am
nobody knows who will be in charge in syria in the the next few days. >> do you think it is now you helpful that diplomatic ties are re-established with turkey? do you hope that that bond will proslide some additional protection or aa liance there in the area with respect to syria? >> i think the issue in syria involves not only the people who live in the middle east, not only it turkey and israel and lebanon. it can go to other directions. we cannot ignore iran. iran is involved in everything that happen today in the middle east. even when you don't have a government in lebanon iran is involved and same is the case in syria where we see the iranians supporting those people who are opposing israel or opposing the u.s. so i think the u.s. must watch very carefully what is hatching now you in the middle east concern what is happening now in the middle east. >> shannon: thank you very much for your time today. >> thank you very much, shannon. >> shannon: folks already
10:33 am
started lining up outside the u.s. supreme court. they started thursday night hoping to get a coul cove etant inside as the supreme court takes up two same sex marriage cases. prop 8, california's voter passed referendum we amends the state constitution to recognize marriage is only outwin one man and one woman. then on wednesday the defense of marriage act which is a federal law that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. a new fox news poll shows that americans are still split over the issue with 49% in favor and 46 against. a big change from ten years ago when only 32% were in favor and 58% were against. here for a fair and balanced debate, brian brown, president of the national organization for marriage and mark solomon the national campaign director for the freedom to mary. thank you both for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: the cases do have differences when it comes to the fine points of the law.
10:34 am
but you bottom line what is at stake in both. >> there is some fundamental issues. the fundamental issue is whether loving and committed same sex couples who serve their country and pay taxes and some of whom were raised in families whether they should be able to take part in the fundamentally american freedom to marry. the great news is the poll you just showed and there is a washington post poll this past week that showed 58% of americans including more than 80% of young americans 18 to 29 support gay and lesbians having the fundamental freedom to marry. it is about freedom for same sex couples. >> shannon: brian, we know when it many coulds to how people feel about this in california they voted for prop 8 saying essentially we want to define the state constitution in a way so that same-sex marriage is not a legal possibility in california. do you anticipate the justices will buy that argument or be more persuaded by the big
10:35 am
irconstitutional arguments about equal protection and due process and those kinds of things? >> i think that the justices going to realize that if proposition 8 is overturned and if this new right to redefine marriage is bound within the constitution you are essentially throwing out the votes of millions of americans. 31 states voted to amend their constitutions to define marriage the common sense view of marriage that marriage is based upon the union of a man and a woman. whew what is at stake in both court cases is a question of democracy and the question of whether the people have the right to stand up and speak and have their votes counted. if the court somehow overturns those votes it will rob all of those voters of the right to stand up. and i don't think they are going to do it. i think that the lesson from roe is that when the court short circuits the democratic process it doesn't solve the issue. what it does is creates a
10:36 am
culture war. i don't think a majority of the justices want to launch another culture war and are going to respect the right of voter to decide their future to decide something as simple as that takes a man and woman to make a marriage. >> shannon: one thing in all of the different polls is a flip essentially in how people feel about the issue. so in your estimation why not allow folks to decide state by state as public opinion changes? why take this now to the supreme court and say as brian talked about override the democratic process where people have voted and spoken in their own osteites? >> well, because the court has ruled 14 times that there is a marry.ntal freedom to mare and we very strongly the fundamental freedom can exclude gays and lesbians. we think it is appropriate for the court to rule that way and the great news is that as opposed to brian's comments about a culture war in fact americans are coming to the
10:37 am
position as you just said and that is why 80 plus percent of young americans including two thirds of evangelicals who are 18 to 29 support the freedom to america. it is time. america is ready and it is time for the freedom to marry in this country. >> shannon: brian, final word to you. >> the supreme court never found the right to marriage includes redefining marriage. if mark's logic is correct then why doesn't the freedom to marry extend to three, four or five people. it is untrue. marriage is the union of a man and a woman and what mark wants is for the court to essentially throw out the votes of all these people. if he believes his polls he shouldn't be so adamant the people don't have a right to say on this. even in it california, only 36% of californians supported traditional marriage. those polls were not, correct. when people went out to vote they voted to protect marriage. they have done this time and time again. an excellent track record on the people standing up and
10:38 am
saying marriage is the union of a man and woman. 31 states said that. only three states redefined marriage through the ballot box. i do think that we are looking for the court to say no, this this is wrong, legal history, this i constitutionally and the people have a right to stand up and have their voices heard. >> shannon: brian and mark we thank you both for the preview of what the justices are certainly going to hear this week. wweek. we will wait to see what they decide. thank you both. >> earlier in the show we asked you to weigh in on the two same-sex marriage cases the court willer that week. chris writes this. we the people voted in favor of prop 8 in california. we should not have our vote overturned. david said i am a conservative and seems conservatives should insist on commitments between couples period. keep the tweets coming. we will read more later on in the show. cash strapped schools turning to an unlikely source to save money. corporate sponsors stepping in to help struggling school
10:39 am
districts. some say it is a solution and others say it is selling out students. dominik joins us live with more. >> reporter: an issue that divided the education system but the tough reality is schools have been forced to find alternative sources of funding due to budget cuts and corporations have been trying to get into schools for years. for around $10,000 some schools have allowed advertisers and sponsors in and some have posts in the halls and even on classroom doors. in one example staples provided a branded school supply list and a discount program and in return students got to go to a science and technology program. one says it is down to the stark economics of state. take a listen. >> american public education has financial crisis. time for new revenue streams. superintendents are looking for ail tern it national revenue streams because they are been passing the buck on to it parents for too long.
10:40 am
property taxes are down. it is time for new solutions. >> in different districts they allow company representatives to spend time in the classroom with the kids and pushes the corporation and its name directly at the kids. an increasing number of parents and activists are concerned this is a cynical ploy by corporations. >> the companies aren't doing this out of the goodness of their heart. they are doing it because they want to get that lifetime brand loyalty. i think that school districts really need to think about this. this isn't a donation. this is corporations looking to target children and so it is one thing to take a donation. it is another thing to say in return we are going to allow you to have access to students. >> strong arguments on both sides and citing research that advertising to children is more are than just turning them into future consumers.
10:41 am
it can lead to chronic problems, child obesity, youth violence and even underage alcohol and tobacco use. serious issues. thank you, shannon. >> shannon: up next, regulation nation. a bipartisan group of lawmakers is stepping. we will talk to congressman about that next. ♪
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>> shannon: the calendar may say it is spring but a strong winter like storm working way across the nation's mid section today. heavy snow expected from missouri into indiana. that will work into the mid atlantic tonight. many areas expecting more than five inches of snow. the system also is bringing the threat of severe weather to parts of florida and georgia. good news for one new york landmark. coney island is opening today for the first time since
10:46 am
superstorm sandy did major damage to that icon amusement park last fall. millions of dollars spent to overhaul the electrical systems. the season kicked off with the annual blessing of the rides. we heard a lot lately about states banning abortions. one state is considering a bill to make sure they are covered by health insurance. that is one of the most clicked stories on peter doocy has more. >> reporter: washington state lawmakers are now debating a bill that would require insurers that cover maternity care to also cover abortions. this bill passed the state's house earlier this month. but it is unclear what is going to happen to it there in the senate in washington state. one rhode island restaurant chain has an unusual request for customers. the restaurants are making any one that pays their tab with a $100 bill fill out a form with the name, phone number and driver's license number. it is because they received five fake benjamins in the past lee months.
10:47 am
a heads up if you have food delivered to your house frequently. be careful what you tip. a member of the social news website posted a story about a pizza delivery guy that delivered 85 pizzas for are $1,400. the tip was only $10. a post about how much delivery drivers should be tipped. just for reference a 15% tipton that order would have been around $217. more on these stories and more go to >> shannon: it is winter and people having to deliver food 85 it is freezing and 85 pee a pizzas. >> either way they are in trouble. bad tip cabad tip karma coming your way. the deadline is just around the corner as you pull together the w 2s and receipts you probably
10:48 am
have more than a few questions. brenda buttner are is going to be here to answer some of them, next.
10:49 am
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>> shannon: another sinkhole in florida. in one just a mile and a half away from the one that claimed the life of jeff bush back in february. the hills bore are row county fire and rescue officials say
10:52 am
it is 3 feet wide and ten feet deep. homes on either side were evacuated as a precaution. officials do not believe folks there are in any immediate danger. in the past 90 days the government has posted 6,113 newly proposed federal regulations to the website a bipartisan grouped joined together to try to get rid of one that is restricting grocery stores and restaurants. joining us to explain is congressman henry cuellar of texas. i understand this has to o do with labeling foods and how fast food establishments and others have to label food. something that came from the the affordable care act that maybe wasn't intended the way it is about to be regulated. i got a press release from a pizza shop owner that said if
10:53 am
they were to spell out the nutritional possibilities there is 34 million different combinations of pizzas you could order and it is impossible for them to label all of those. >> and it is, correct. look, it is based on a restaurant model of business but a restaurant is different from a pizza delivery or grocery or convenience store and that is why the bill is a simple bill that just says let's provide a little more flexibility so they can bro the calorie information in a way that makes sense to the consumer. >> shannon: i know some of advocating allow folks to give the information online. a lot of people order pizza from home and they are not going to the shop physically. grocery store are owners are worried about having to label salad bars and any kind of food they will put out. it will cost them millions of dollars to get in compliance with that and somebody has got to pay that bill. >> that's right. and we don't want the consumer to do that and this bill in a
10:54 am
bipartisan way we want to provide the calorie information and something that makes sense to the small businesses. storfor example a grocery storr convenience store or pizza delivery. some of the pee h pizzas, 90% e done by telephone or online. so it doesn't make sense to put a menu forwar board when 90% oe sales are done online. common sense and do it in ways that doesn't cost the small businesses so much money to comply with a regulation that doesn't make sense to them. >> shannon: how tricky is it to find the balance between what the government needs to regulate and protect people and keep the waterways clean and all those things and not putting a heavy burden on businesses that essentially it drives them out of the marketplace. >> if they provide the flexibility it can be done rather simple. the regulations are based on what we call the restaurant
10:55 am
model of business. that is, on site preparation of food but if you go to a pizza delivery you are not going to go up there. most people are not going to go up and buy the pizza at that place where you might put a menu board out there. it doesn't make sense. they have to provide the flexibility to provide the calorie information but you something that the consumer are will get the information but doesn't have the burden on the small business. >> shannon: we are encouraged when we see republicans and democrats able to work together on anything. congressman thank you for joining us for this week's regulation nation. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: we are just weeks away from the deadline to file your federal income taxes but never fear senior business correspondent brenda buttner here to answer some of your top tax questions. hello, brenda. >> the countdown to 1 april 15s on. many asked great questions. taxes are so high right now
10:56 am
that he want to make sure uncle sam doesn't get any more than he deserves. any advice. >> smart thinking, dar. uncle sam does reach into your pay check. good idea to check the legitimate deductions that may help cut your tax bill. many left on the table each year. we forget about them or fail to maximize them. the ira deduction. the individual retirement account. that is $5 can deduct annually from the taxable income and that is big money. also job hunting expenses like mile and in your car from driving to interviews or the paper you brought to print your resumes with potentially be written off. out of pocket medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income ask qualify as a deduction. all that you want to really add up and see whatever total is
10:57 am
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